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Blog Post: Embroidery and your logo

May 31


Embroidery and your logo

Embroidering your logo onto something? Here is what you need to know...

Having a professional image means so much. Having it on a shirt, hat, jacket, bag or pad-folio tells viewers that you are a representative, member or supporter. It prompts questions to those unfamiliar like, "Who, what, & where is _________?" And of course it is a great lead in to answering the question of what you do for said organization.

So how does one go about getting their logo embroidered? The easy answer is to give us a call. We will walk you through the process and you will be wearing your new apparel within a couple of weeks.

The questions we ask are just a few: Do you have your stitch files? We need these in order for the embroidery machines to stitch out your logo. Most callers do not have these. If you have had your logo embroidered in the past it is most likely that the decorator who did your last job has those files on hand. Some decorators are willing to share and others are not as they are not doing the work if you are going to someone else. Stitch files are made using vectored camera ready artwork created by a graphic designer. If you have had your logo professionally designed, the graphic designer has or can provide you with vectored artwork of your logo. (Vectored means it can be made smaller or bigger without losing the integrity of the artwork). If your logo was home made it likely needs to be vectored and digitized by a graphic designer so that we can use the artwork. The software to create these files is extremely expensive and takes an expert technician to create both good vectored artwork and digitized files the embroidery machines can read. The cost of getting a logo vectored & digitized for embroidery can range from $40.00 to several hundred dollars depending on the size and complexity of the job. Remember, we include these charges in all our jobs! Most left chest logos for Polos, button down shirts and jackets are around 4 inches and cost about $60 as a one-time fee. Stitch files for flats and curves often need to be created for different embroidery jobs, flats representing apparel like shirts and curves representing caps. Once the logo is digitized a stitch count will dictate the price for the embroidery. An average left chest logo at 4", and that is the baseline price we use for all our quick quotes. If your logo has more stitches, we'll work with you to keep costs down.

How will it look on a shirt? We provide a mock-up for approval before a job goes into production. The proof will have a picture of your apparel with the logo placed in the requested location(s). A good rule of thumb to decide how big you would like your logo on the apparel is to use a ruler for width and height. If your logo has specific colors we need those as well to match thread colors. Thread colors are available in just about as many colors you can imagine and range from dull to shiny.

Some people are very detail oriented and feel their logos don't look perfect when stitched out. Embroidery is one of the sloppiest/dirtiest sectors in the print industry. High definition detail is difficult to create with stitching. The best way to view an embroidered piece of apparel is at arm's length as if you are the person viewing it on someone else. If it is readable and looks correct at arm's length then you have a good stitch job. If you look at it at close proximity you will see tiny details like the jump stitches and other imperfections. If a thread color isn't looking perfect it can always be adjusted on the next job. Most likely the only one who will notice the small imperfections will be you so the old axiom, "Don't sweat the small stuff." works well when being critical about embroidery.

Now that you have a bit of knowledge about the process, take the time to look at our apparel products and go shopping. Each item online shows wether it's available in Embroidery, Silk Screening or Heat Press.

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